My Top Purchases of 2021

Hi, friends!

I hope your first few days of 2022 have been awesome!

Over the weekend I shared a list of my top 10 favorite books of 2021 and then a list of my favorite outfits from 2021.

I’ve also rounded up my favorite purchases of 2021 to share! You all know I shop a TON, but there were some things I got this year that were either great finds or just special to me for personal reasons.

I’ve narrowed it down to 20 of my top purchases across clothing, shoes & accessories, beauty, and home. See any of your favorites on the list? Drop a comment below to let me know.

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Valentino Rockstud Bag

I got this bag last January when I saw it on one of my favorite designer discount websites, Ruelala! I’m a big fan of rockstuds and wear black bags often, so this one was perfect for me.

It’s great quality and I love styling it different ways. It’s also a nice compact size but spacious; I usually need a bag that fits more than just a cell phone.

Butterfly Bag

I’ve been obsessing about this bag all year and here I am to do it again! I love butterflies but I also love a cute bag—the white and gold went really well with my spring and summer looks.

This was sold out for a while but is now back in stock, and the best part is that it’s under $100.

Spider Web Ring

I fell in love with this ring as soon as I saw it online. It’s both dainty and spooky and looked especially cool with my Halloween nails this year.

Regal Rose is a newer store for me but they have a lot of jewelry I really like! I’ve worn my rings from them several times and so far they’re still good as new.

Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

This concealer appealed to me because I always struggle with dark under eyes. I have to say, it works really well! It blends nicely with my other makeup.

I got this concealer on sale and am still on my first bottle, which is great—you don’t need a lot fo the product to get good coverage with this one.

makeup look using Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. keep scrolling for more details on this dress

Face Tanning Drops

I previously used my regular tanner on my face, or would forego it and try to even out my skin with makeup.

Neither of these worked well and so I decided to try the tanning drops specifically for your face. They don’t make me break out and my face feels nice and soft after using. They are usually on sale along with the body tanning drops.

Butterfly Sneakers

These sneakers are probably in my top three favorites of the year. The embroidered butterfly adds a mystical element to these sleek leather sneakers.

I’ve worn these on some family walks (among other casual activities) and they’re super comfortable.

Chloé Sandals

I love a C moment because it’s the first letter of my married last name. I also love the chic look of these designer sandals.

The black matches everything and the gold C adds some fancy flair. I’m also a fan of the suede/leather combo. Unfortunately, these are no longer available but I’m glad I snagged them while I could!

Leopard Print Sneakers

I wanted these shoes so badly last year but they were out of stock forever. I jumped to get them as soon as they came back this year and have worn them nonstop!

These sneakers fit into every season, are comfortable, and I just love the look of them so much.

Suede Booties

There are usually one or two Nordstrom sale purchases each year that I get excited about. This pair of booties was definitely one this year!

I love the color and look, and love even more how well they fit into my style. I truly feel like they’ve been elevating my fall/early winter outfits. 

Rockstud Sandals

These sandals also have the rockstud look, but for a more affordable price. These were great for the summer and especially our family vacation because they stayed on my feet when walking around or doing other things.

They have a slide version or the one I’m wearing with buckles around the ankle.

Lilac Faux Leather Jacket

The lilac trend of 2021 felt like a heaven send for me. It’s my all time favorite color and the trend helped me find pieces like this one!

I also LOVE a colored leather jacket and this one is my perfect match. I posted a few ways to wear it back in March 2021. 

Puppy T-Shirt

I had to find something to rep my favorite girl for our first trip without her this year, and this was it! It’s so fun that the picture is so close to how Ember looks, too.

This top is from Etsy and there are a lot of versions with different dog breeds on their site.

Nike Fleece Sweatpants

I bought these pants over the summer and have since purchased four other pairs. 😊They fleece lining is seriously comfortable and perfect for lazy days.

These pants are also cute enough to wear out with a sporty outfit. Win-win! 

Sunflower Maxi Dress

My favorite thing about this dress is actually that it’s $20.Such awesome value for the look of it!

It is made of a thinner material but keeps you cool and provides a flattering fit. I also love the bright pattern.

Lace Mini Dress

I wore this pretty blue number during one of my favorite dress up moments of 2021. It was one of those days where everything just came together—hair, makeup, and outfit—and I was feeling super confident.

This dress has been on sale under $50 for a while and is still in stock! It’s so pretty you can just throw it on and go, or accessorize how you like.

Green Midi Dress

The perfect holiday dress exists and I have found it! This satiny dress is the perfect combination of sexy and elegant, in my opinion.

The deep green color screams Christmas to me, but this also works as a wedding guest dress, for a cocktail party, or a fancy night out.

Dining Room Set

A dining set was the last big piece missing from our house. After over a year of searching, I found this one and we fell in love with it.

We still need to get end chairs, but it’s so nice having this beautiful set and having a functional dining room rather than an empty one!

Hocus Pocus Banner

I really stepped it up with Halloween decorations this year and found SO many good things. My favorite would have to be this Hocus Pocus banner.

I love that it includes silhouettes of the witches’ hair and it was perfect hanging in the mud room for our first annual Halloween bash.

Cabinet Bows

I’ve gotten so much love for these since I posted them with our kitchen decorations. I purchased them towards the end of the year but still had some time to use them for the holidays!

The bows have velcro patches that make them easy and damage-free to put up and take down. I can’t wait to use them next year and beyond.

Super Chewer Box

Many of my purchases this year were for the pup, but her favorite (and, therefore, mine) from 2021 was undoubtedly the Super Chewer box subscription.

It’s a version of BarkBox with sturdier toys meant for larger dogs. Each box has a theme so the toys are fun for both me and Ember.

There you have it, a full list of the best items I purchased in 2021! Here are some more pictures of my favorites in action.

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