Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Require No Shipping Time

Hi all!

Christmas is just two days away and if you live a crazy, hectic like like I do, you’re still scrambling to figure out gifts for a few people.

While overnight shipping and store pickup are great options, they aren’t always available. Or, sometimes the items that are available just don’t fit for the people whose gifts you have left to buy.

That’s where subscription gifts come in to save the day! I’ve given subscriptions as gifts before and they’ve always been popular.

There are so many out there, it’s easy to find something for each person on your outstanding list. And the best part is that the subscription gets sent out every month or so, so you don’t have to worry about anything shipping in time for Christmas.

Below are my three favorite subscriptions to give as gifts. I’ve tried all three of these myself and love them! My favorite way to tell loved ones about their gift is to print out a fun picture (from the website or that I make myself) and add it to their holiday card.

I may receive a small commission on any purchases made through links on this post.

Hunt a Killer

Calling all mystery lovers! Joe and I got ourselves a Hunt a Killer subscription in 2020 and it was SO much fun. Each monthly box comes with a new set of clues and an objective, all leading you to solve the murder by the end of your subscription.

There are lots of “cases” to choose from and all have amazing attention to detail. Some examples of clues include messages written in code, objects with invisible ink that need revealing, and old pictures with clues in the background.

This is a great gift for couples and singles alike!

Date Box

If you need a couple’s gift, look no further! Date Box is a monthly date night sent via the mail, complete with a game that helps the couple get closer and a fun activity (baking, painting, etc.).

Joe and I were gifted this subscription and have loved every box so far! He’s gluten free so any snacks or recipes sent to us take that into account.

They currently have a sale going on but you can always use my code DETAILSANDDIAMONDS for a discount.

Try the World

This subscription box was made for foodies! Gift your friends and family a monthly box with gourmet food or snacks from different countries around the world.

This is perfect for adventurous eaters or wanderlusters who are missing the ability to travel freely.

They are also currently having a sale for the holidays!

I hope these last minute gift ideas are helpful for anyone who’s in a pinch! Have a great Christmas and New Year! I’ll be back soon with more fun finds and reviews.

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