My Favorite Butterfly Pieces

Happy Tuesday!

Butterflies have always been special to me; like many others, I love the transformation and growth they represent.

For most of my life, I felt extremely self-conscious and was my own harshest critic.

As I got older, became more comfortable in my skin and learned to truly love myself. This internal revelation felt very much like spreading beautiful, patterned wings for the first time.

Now, I love butterflies because they are a symbol of how far I’ve come; they also remind me that I have my own unique beauty and should be proud to show it off.

Over the years, I’ve collected many butterfly items, and I was especially excited to see them coming back as a trend in 2021.

Here are my favorite butterfly pieces, as well as the special meaning some of them hold for me. As always, click on any image or title to see where I purchased the item.

Chiara Heeled Sandals

I first discovered Sophia Webster, the brand that makes these heels, when Taylor Swift wore a rainbow colored version of them to the 2019 iHeart Radio awards.

I went for a more neutral color for mine, and although I haven’t actually worn them out yet, these are one of my most prized possessions and I can’t wait for the perfect, special night to don them.

Sophia Webster makes a lot of shoes and bags with butterflies on them, and they’re all gorgeous. This is a designer brand with a higher price-point, but I have purchased another butterfly shoe from them that appears later in this post.

Oversized Ring

I found this ring on a clearance website and had to have it. It’s so sparkly and pretty in person, and it’s a big oversized so it makes a perfect statement ring.

I don’t wear a lot of different rings, but this one draws the eye enough to stand out on its own. It is from the brand Eye Candy, which makes good quality jewelry that you can usually find marked down.

This one is still available in silver, which I actually like a little better than the gold and pink one I have. It has the same shimmery crystals and is under $35.

Layered Butterfly Necklace

This necklace is another new piece of jewelry that I got this year. I love that butterflies are currently “trending” because there’s such a variety of them available now!

This looks like multiple necklaces but it comes as one and they’re all attached. I really like the layered look and how this necklace falls. The chain is adjustable so it can be made shorter if needed.

I got this necklace from Forever 21 for under $5, and they have a large selection of other butterfly necklaces, both with other layers and without. There is also a version of this necklace with two chain layers that comes in silver.

Velvet Short Sleeve Dress

I previously shared this in my Spring Dresses post, but had to include it here as well because it’s the perfect butterfly dress.

The velvet material, short sleeve fit, and colorful butterflies give me major 90s vibes, making this dress perfect for spring and summer 2021. It’s also a really comfortable, form-fitting dress.

The partial mock neck at the top adds some extra flare, and the pink, purple, and blue butterflies really pop on the dark background color.

This dress is nearly sold out, but it’s on sale for under $20!

Butterfly purse

Aldo Shoulder Bag

I still can’t get over the fact that this bag is under $100. It’s such a cute crossbody and, of course, I love the butterfly details.

This bag is both feminine and classy; the clean white leather and delicate gold accents go together beautifully. I also really love the chain detail on the strap.

The strap can be worn doubled up, or single if you want more length. I’ve been wearing this bag nonstop and it’s still available for $55.

Clear Phone Case

I actually got three of these cases because they’re under $2 each! I’ve had this one on my phone for about two months and it has held up so far (and through several accidental drops of my phone :P).

The case itself is clear with pretty light pink and black butterflies all over. I have the iPhone 12 but there are a variety of sizes available in this case.

As I mentioned, there is a large selection of butterfly phone cases for cheap; here is where I picked a few of mine from.

Cutout Back Dress

This looks like a basic black t-shirt dress from the front, but it has a fun and pretty cutout in the shape of a butterfly on the back!

This is such a fun one and it’s a huge bonus that the dress is really comfortable. It feels like wearing an oversized tee but is also nice and flattering.

This is perfect for warm spring and summer days, especially if you plan to wear your hair pulled up ;). It is also a great buy at under $10.

Gold Desk

Taking a quick break from clothes and accessories, I just HAD to have this desk for our new home. I think I found it online months before we moved, and I stalked it until it was time to buy furniture, hoping it would still be available.

It was, and I’m so glad because it was the perfect piece to add to my library/office. I smile every time I look down at this desk, and it’s definitely a beautifully crafted piece of furniture that draws the eye.

This is from the brand Safavieh, which has a lot of other unique and pretty furniture and home decor items. The glass on top is removable so it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Leather Sneakers

This is the other pair of Sophia Webster shoes that I mentioned previously. These are a bit more casual, but still a luxe and fashionable piece because the sneakers are made of leather.

I love the embroidered butterflies on the back, and especially enjoy wearing these with the cutout-back butterfly dress I have.

These fit perfectly with my day-to-day casual style, but have a special little design on the back that is very “me.”

Long Kimono

I just got this kimono last week and am so in love with it! It can be worn over a regular outfit, as shown, but would also make a great beach cover up.

The neutral background and black butterflies make this easy to match with so many different things, and the semi-sheer material is perfect for this flowy added layer.

A few people I’ve told about this are shocked to find out it’s from Hot Topic, but yes HT is still very much around and they have a lot of cute stuff! You can use my discount code FANATIC for 30% off anything from Hot Topic, including this kimono, through the rest of this month.

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