Your Top Picks: February 2021

Well, hi!

It’s been a few months since I’ve done this, but I wanted to share a recap of what my followers and readers have been loving over the past month!

As usual, I’m looking at a few different categories: clothing, shoes and accessories, home items, beauty, and pets. And this time, I’m sharing the top 12 items.

These are things that were most frequently clicked on, purchased, or loved (based on your replies, comments, and other feedback) throughout February. If you’d like more details on anything, just click on the image and the retail website will open in a new tab!

Most Popular Items February 2021

12. Kitchen Chandeliers

Joe and I both fell in love with these hanging chandeliers as soon as we saw them. They fit in so well with our black and white color scheme, and add the perfect elegant touch to our kitchen.

They’re also currently on sale for under $200!

11. Steve Madden Booties

These classic black booties are a great closet staple that can be styled for any season.

I originally found and posted them in early winter, but they’re also a great transitional shoe that you can wear as the weather warms up.

10. 3D Wooden Wall Map

We spent almost an entire year trying to find the right piece of decor for a large empty wall in our living room. We were SO excited when we finally found this 3D world map, because it’s perfect for the space.

These maps are made of wood and come with the tape needed to mount them. They come in several different size and color options, too!

9. White Lace Dress

I have this dress in a pretty purple color, but it’s not hard to see why the white version is so popular! White dresses in general are always in high demand, I guess because there are usually a lot of brides-to-be!

The feminine details, slightly fitted waist, and overall great quality are three of my favorite things about this dress. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s under $50!

8. Fuzzy Slippers

These fuzzy slippers were such a great purchase, and I’m glad you guys think so, too! They’re super plushy and comfortable but have harder bottoms so that you can wear them around the house (or even onto the porch or driveway to get the mail).

They are unfortunately sold out, but I’ve linked an almost identical pair at a similar price point.

7. Faux Fur Snow Boots

I’ve been sharing outfits that include these boots nonstop over the last few months. I really can’t get enough of them (and we’ve had plenty of winter weather for me to wear them in, so that doesn’t hurt).

I love the design of these with the faux fur and chunky heel, but they’re also very warm and comfortable. They’re still currently on sale for under $30, too!

6. Closet Vanity

One of the best things about this closet vanity is that it comes with the mirror and stool, so you don’t need to spend extra money or time finding things that match.

This was a great addition to my closet and I use it daily. I also use it to store all of my makeup, skincare, and most of my hair products; so, it definitely serves a few different purposes in my home!

5. White Swim Coverup

I first shared this coverup about a week ago, but it’s been SO popular ever since I did. It seems like a lot of people are looking for swim and coverup options.

I love this one because it’s simple and flattering, and because white is such a great color for a coverup. It will match with any color bathing suit and would also be perfect for a beachy honeymoon.

4. Designer Inspired Pet Collar

When we first got Ember, I started sharing some pet accessories and toys, and eventually realized that my followers LOVE designer inspired things for their pets!

I don’t personally own any of these, but these collars come in a variety of colors and are significantly cheaper than they would be from a luxury brand.

3. White Slide Sandals

This sandal design was really popular last summer, so I’m not surprised it’s coming back for the warm weather this year.

These are definitely a closet staple and the neutral white color matches with pretty much anything you might have in your closet. They’re still on sale for under $40!

2. White Maxi Dress

I’m pretty sure this dress also made the list of top picks from all of 2020, and it’s not hard to see why it is so well-loved. I have this same dress in a maroon color and with some extra designs on the skirt, but it’s the same exact brand and fit.

This is a super flattering dress; the fitted top and flared skirt work for many different bust and waist sizes. It’s a great formal option for under $100 and comes in 9 other color options.

1. Sporty Neon Bikini

This suit was a great Amazon find and another very recent find that has been super popular. I call this “sporty” because the top is comfortable and supportive like a sports bra, and the bottoms have a thick waist that sits a little higher on the hip. This is a good one for both lying out in the sun or running around on the beach.

I own and love the hot pink, but it comes in 11 other bright and flattering colors. It’s also under $30 and ships free if you have Prime.

That’s the full list of most-loved items from February 2021! Here are some more looks at your (and my) favorites in action.

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