My Top Purchases of 2020

Hi friends,

As 2020 comes to a close, I’ve been doing lots of reflecting this week. Today I’m taking a look back at the fashion, home, and beauty purchases I made throughout this year.

If you know me then you know how much I love to shop, so there’s plenty to choose from as far as top purchases go.

These picks are based on the items themselves, how much use I might have gotten out of them so far, and also how good of a deal the purchase was.

As always, you can click on any image or link to open the retail site in a new tab and shop!

Top Fashion Purchases 2020

10. Tory Burch Jessa Sandals

These classy navy blue sandals have a pretty white trim and gold chain detail across the top band. I love them for the summertime, and they’re a nice alternative to the Tory Burch Millers.

I got these sandals on sale this summer, and they’re back on sale again now for the end of the year!

9. Designer Inspired Belts

I have these belts in a couple of different colors and widths, and they go great with almost everything! I’ve worn them nonstop throughout this year.

My favorite part is, of course, that they cost under $30. More than 90% less than what the designer brand belts usually go for. You can use my discount code LAURAC20 for 20% off anything from Indigo Closet, which is where I got these.

8. Mom Jeans

I was pretty skeptical of mom jeans at first, but these were on sale so I decided to try them out. The loose fit is really comfortable, especially after I’ve gotten used to wearing skin-tight jeggings over the years.

I like the ripped style of these and especially like the distressed hemlines. I’ve worn these a bunch and dressed them both up and down. They’re currently on sale, too!

7. Leopard Color Block Sweater

I was so excited about this sweater when I first saw it! I love the chevron color blocking and, of course, the pop of leopard print. This sweater is great quality and is a good length to wear with leggings or jeans.

It was super popular this summer/fall, and the one I have is sold out. I got this identical one from Amazon for my mom for Christmas this year. It’s also great quality and less expensive than mine.

6. Tan Booties

I have so many pairs of booties, but was in need of a good tan/taupe pair. I just bought these a couple of weeks ago, but have already worn them a couple of times.

This is a great staple shoe for the fall and even the milder winter days, so I also got it in the brown option. All colors are still on sale for $35, which is a great deal in my opinion.

5. Amazon Joggers

It’s no surprise that these joggers made the list; I own three pairs and wear them all the time. I currently have the black, brown, and olive green ones, but will likely be getting some more.

There are over 20 color options and they are under $20. They’re also buttery soft. There are so many reasons to love these pants, especially in a year that I spent the majority of working and lounging from home.

4. Long Tan Coat

I was looking for a good tan coat like this for years, and this one was definitely worth the wait. I love the length and the color, and it’s warm enough to wear in both the fall and winter.

It costs under $100, which is much less than some of the more popular coats. It was on sale when I got it earlier this year and is still on sale, although there are limited sizes left.

3. Tweed Leather Jacket

I found this on sale and instantly fell in love with it. I’ve been really into tweed over the past couple of years and have always loved leather, so the combination here is one that almost felt like it was made for me.

I got this right before Christmas and ended wearing it on the day. It’s a little higher priced now than it was when I bought it, but is still on sale.

2. Timberland Courmayer Boots

These were another great sale purchase, and I’ve worn these shoes plenty in the recent winter weather. They’re beautiful boots and come in a few other great color options, as well.

Because they’re Timberlands, they’re very comfortable and well-made. They are a bit of a higher price than I normally spend on boots, but were worth it.

1. Burgundy Maxi Dress

I swooned over this dress for months before I finally decided to buy it, and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, but my mind is swirling with possibilities.

The lace overlay on the skirt is what makes this dress really special, in my opinion. It would flow perfectly on the dance floor at a wedding or under a soft gust of wind for outdoor photos.

It’s under $100, which isn’t bad for a dress that looks like this!

Top Beauty Purchases 2020

10. Heated Eyelash Curler

I always have trouble curling my eyelashes, and this heated tool really helps! It isn’t too hot or scary to use, and it is rechargeable so you don’t have to keep it plugged in.

This is a good little gadget to have if you want a quick and lasting way to curl your lashes!

9. Coconut Hand Cream

This lotion has been a savior to my hands and cuticles, especially since I’ve been washing my hands so much more often this year.

It has a wonderful coconut smell that’s pleasant without being overpowering. It’s also a thick lotion that moisturizes really well but doesn’t feel oily on your hands.

8. Scar Away Gel

I originally started using ScarAway as a collaboration with their brand, but the results that I saw on my acne scars put this on my top 10 list of beauty purchases this year.

I am happy with my use of the gel so far and plan to purchase a new tube to continue using it.

7. Billie Razor

I had a Billie subscription before this year, but this is still one of my favorites for the year. This is a great razor at a great price.

6. Cerave Lotion

This lotion was recommended by my dermatologist and has helped my dry skin so much this winter! It’s the best lotion I’ve found for everyday use.

5. Prose Hair Mask

Prose is really cool because it recommends products for your specific hair. You fill out a questionnaire with your hair type, location, habits, lifestyle, and more.

You get to choose which products you try, so I decided to go with the hair mask they recommended first. It makes my hair feel super soft and helps keep the edges moisturized.

4. Jessicurl Conditioner

This year I started getting into the Curly Girl method, and this conditioner was one of the recommendations I found there.

I can tell a difference in the softness and hydration of my hair immediately after using this conditioner. I’ve also noticed that my curls are less frizzy after I rinse this out and let air dry naturally.

This is slightly more expensive than conditioners I’ve used before, but the results are great.

3. Tan Luxe Butter

After seeing this self-tanner all over Instagram, I decided to try it for myself. It really does give you a great, even tan after just one use.

It’s pricey, so definitely wait to get it on sale. I got it for under $30 and have seen it get marked back down to that price several times over the past year.

One thing to note is that you need to moisturize in addition to using this tanner; don’t assume that it is a lotion because of the consistency.

2. Good Behavior Spray

This hairspray works as a heat protectant and an anti-frizz spray. It has become a part of my hair routine and I always use it before blowing out my hair straight.

It definitely tames my frizz and it smells great. You can use my discount code DIAMONDS20 for 20% off any IGK hair products.

1. Shape Tape Concealer

If you’ve ever heard of Tarte Cosmetics then you’ve probably heard of their Shape Tape concealer. I’ve always been pretty behind when it comes to makeup, so I only started using concealer recently.

This concealer is a great one and very quickly became the only one I use. Tarte often has buy one get one free sales on this concealer, and so that’s when I stock up on it.

Top Home Purchases 2020

10. Personalized Christmas Stocking

This is the first year that we got Christmas stockings for our little family! I didn’t bother with them in the Condo because I didn’t really know where to put them.

These simple yet pretty stockings can be personalized and were perfect for us this year. It was nice to get one for Ember too, since this was her first Christmas.

9. Winter Wreaths

I added these to the list because they were one of my favorites from this year, but also because I know we’re going to get use out of them for years to come.

At $20 each, they have great value and I love that they are white and sparkly. They’re neutral enough to put up for Christmas but to keep up all winter long.

8. Get Cozy Pillow

This is another piece of decor that works for both Christmas and the winter months after it. I’ve used this pillow to decorate both my closet and our living room this past winter.

It is a pretty white with raised, gray writing and includes the actual pillow, not just a cover.

7. Amazon Headband Holder

Another bargain-priced item that has proved to be so useful!

This clear headband holder is cylindrical so you can place the headbands right on top of it and display them. It also has a hidden compartment inside that I use for hair ties, softer headbands, and other accessories.

It is from Amazon so a great price and ships quickly.

6. Storage Baskets

These were also an Amazon find and I use them for extra storage in my closet. They come in different colors and sizes, and the small size ones that I have hold a lot.

I have all of my flip flops and some other sandals in one basket, and my cold weather accessories in the other. I also have a couple of other baskets in my closet for extra hangers.

5. Instant Pot

I bought this as a gift for Joe and we’ve been using it a bunch lately. Last night we made delicious risotto with chicken in under a half hour!

The two best things about the instant pot are how many different meals you can cook with it and how easily the cleanup is. The inside of the pot comes out to be washed, and that’s really all there is to it.

We haven’t tried all of the settings yet, but definitely plan to.

4. Large Wall Mirror

This mirror was a great addition to my closet and I’ve used it constantly in both my personal life and for the blog.

I got the 70in x 31in option, and it’s a great size for the wall of my closet. I also like the simple white frame and the reasonable price.

Note that you will need hooks or something else on the wall to hang this; it does come with hooks attached to the mirror but nothing for them to anchor onto.

3. 3D Wall Map

This is probably in my top 3 favorites of any category this year. As soon as I saw this 3D wooden map online, I showed it to Joe and we both agreed it was the perfect thing to fill that empty living room wall of ours.

There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, but any of the options would be a great decorative piece.

2. Butterfly Desk

I’ve always loved butterflies, so this desk was the perfect find for. my library/office. It’s from the brand Safavieh, which I’m also a fan of.

The weathered gold look fits in perfectly with the feel of the rest of the room, and the butterflies beneath the glass of the desk are lovely to look at every day.

1. Closet Vanity

It took a little while for me to figure out what to do with that last open corner of my closet, and it took me even longer to find the right vanity after I’d decided to get one.

This simple yet elegant one. is from Wayfair and it came with the mirror and stool, which were big plusses in my book. Joe helped me swap out the knobs it came with for some fun skull ones that match the other drawers in. my closet.

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