My New Skincare Routine (and Why I’m So Obsessed With It)

Hey friends!

It’s the start of a new week and I’m determined to be more productive (blog-wise) than I have been in weeks past.

Things have been SO busy and crazy this month, but that’s always my excuse, so let’s skip it and get down to the real reason for this post! =P

I recently changed up my skincare routine and the products I use, and I’ve been so happy with the results that I had to share them with you.

First, let me give you some background on why this is such a hot topic for me…

I’ve always had bad skin and it has always been the number one cause of self-esteem issues for me.

When I was in middle school and high school I had really bad acne, and I tried almost every treatment available to me with no success.

My teenage years were filled with trips to the dermatologist, tearful breakdowns in front of mirrors, and new prescription and over-the-counter creams that left my skin irritated, red, and dry without really stopping my breakouts.

As I got older, and more responsible with my skincare, things definitely improved, but the after effects were long-lasting.

Self-consciousness about my skin continued into my twenties; I’d feel ashamed of my scarring and dark spots while getting ready for work in the morning, and I’d cringe at each new hormonal pimple that appeared on my face, feeling that it made me seem even more juvenile to my older coworkers.

Fast-forward to today, and I’m much more comfortable with myself and my imperfect skin…but I still want to look and feel the best I possibly can…

I’ve made peace with my monthly, hormonal breakouts. I know they’re going to happen and, as long as I keep my diet in check and stay diligent with caring for my skin, I can limit them to one or two large zits on my chin or T-zone area. Not the end of the world…especially for a girl who grew up with a face covered in zits.

What I refuse to make peace with, or accept, are the lingering redness, the oily nose and forehead areas, and the large, dark-colored pores that still make themselves at home on my adult face.

Luckily, I’ve finally found a routine that works for me and my skin. Over the past few weeks since I started my new routine, I’ve noticed:
• Much smaller, and sometimes not even noticeable pores
• Less oiliness on in the morning/throughout the day
• An even tone across my entire face with much less of my usual redness.

I was able to achieve these results by using new products that work really well every day, and also setting up separate morning and nighttime routines. So, without further ado, here are my new skincare routines that gave me great results.

Morning Skincare Routine

The products:
Tula “cult classic” cleanser
Tula “get toned” resurfacing toner
Ole Henrisken banana bright eye créme
Neutrogena visibly even moisturizer (with SPF 30)

The steps:
I use these products in the order I listed them, but here’s a break down of what I actually do.

Step 1: Wash face with the Tula cleanser; this cleanser is gentle but also gets all of the grime and grease from the night before off of my face. It’s a little pricy but very worth, it in my opinion, and lasts a long time. Pat face dry after washing

Step 2: Add three pumps of the Tula toner to a cotton ball or pad and spread all over the face; even after getting out of the shower and washing my face, I still find that this toner gets excess dirt out of my pores; just take a look at the cotton ball after you’re done. It also helps get off any extra/streaky self tanner you might have on your face

Step 3: Apply the eye créme to the entire under eye area; I’ve seen some people also add it to their top lid, but I usually don’t. This is another more expensive item but I’ve seen such great results since I started using it! My under eyes have always been deeply indented, but the discoloration under my eyes is pretty much gone. I actually got the sample size pack of this and it has lasted me over three months so far

Step 4: Add a dime-sized amount of the moisturizer to hands and then spread all over the face; I rub it in to make sure it will stay on. You should also always add some type of sunscreen to your face, even if you don’t plan on being outside for long. I love this moisturizer because it has helped even out my skin tone but also contains SPF, so I’m all set (note that I usually wait a few minutes for the eye créme to set in before applying my face lotion

So that’s my morning skincare routine! As I mentioned, the eye créme has been a huge help with brightening up my under eyes, and the Tula toner and Neutrogena moisturizer have definitely helped reduce my normal redness and brighten up some of my other dark spots. I truly believe in and would recommend all four of these products.

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Now onto the nighttime routine, which I just started two weeks ago! Previously, I was only washing my face in the morning and just leaving it alone before going to bed at night.

This is because when I was in my mid-twenties I tried adding a nightly face wash to my routine and my skin got extremely dry and irritated. Clearly, I wasn’t doing it right, but I think I’ve got it down now.

The products:
Cetaphil daily cleanser
HelloBody COCO smooth eye cream
HelloBody COCO soft night lotion
(you can use code GLAM2 for 30% off all HelloBody products)

The steps:
Again, I use these in the order I listed them, but read below for more details and specific benefits of each

Step 1: Wash face with the Cetaphil cleanser; I’ve been using this for years and it’s great for all skin types. It’s a little less expensive than the Tula cleanser, so I use this one at night to help make my Tula cleanser last longer and save myself some money.. Pat face dry after washing

Step 2: Apply the eye cream to the entire under eye area; I usually rub a little dot of the cream between my index fingers and then use them to apply to each eye. The entire COCO line is coconut scented, so this is a pretty delightful application if I do say so myself

Step 3: Add half a pump (or a third of a pump, a little goes a long way with this) to hands and then spread all over the face. One of my biggest fears with adding moisturizer to my nighttime routine was that it would be heavy or make my face even more oily, but this lotion is designed to sleep in and is super lightweight. It actually absorbs into my skin in about 45 seconds and leaves my face feeling completely naked but hydrated

Washing and moisturizing my face at night is the biggest change I’ve made to my skincare routine over the past few months, and in my opinion is what has made the biggest difference.

As I mentioned before, I still do have a bit of oil on my nose in the morning, but the rest of my skin is nicely moisturized, the surface looks even, and my pores look clear and small when I wake up. I can’t remember the last time, if ever, my skin looked this way in the morning.

This post isn’t sponsored, these are just the products I’ve found work best for me, and I’ve come to love them because of how they’ve transformed my face.

I’m sharing this in hopes that someone else can be helped or improve their skin with a similar approach.

That being said, I am an ambassador for HelloBody and you can use my code GLAM2 for 30% off any order from them! Their COCO products are the first ones I’ve tried but I’m really loving them and the way they make my face feel.

If you have any questions about my routine, other products I’ve tried, or some less expensive alternatives, drop a comment below or send me an email! I’m very passionate about skincare, because of my history with having poor skin, and am always happy to help.

I hope you enjoyed this read and that you have a great rest of your week! As always, it means a lot to me that you’re here. 🙂 <3

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