Nordstrom Sale 2020 First Look

Hello and Happy Friday!

Not too long ago, I posted some of my insights and tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

I explain more in that post, but access to the sale opens for different people at different times, depending on whether you have a Nordstrom Credit Card and how much you spend per year:

Today the sale preview is officially live, and I’ve been poring through the list of items to pull out my favorites for you guys.

So, without further ado, here are my top picks from the Nordstrom Sale 2020…so far 😉

All of these images are also on my page, so feel free to favorite them there to shop more easily when you can access the sale!

Just like last year, booties, snakeskin, and leopard print are very popular. SPANX are also making an appearance in the sale, but not as many options. For me, the blue coat and tan suede moto jacket are at the top of my wish list.

Lots more pretty Fall pieces and outerwear in this second batch; the cream cardigan and few blouses are my favorites here.

Barefoot Dreams (known for their super soft blankets and sweaters) is well-represented in this sale. I’ve got two cardigans of theirs in the image above. Soft, flowy pieces sold out very quickly last year and I expect these lounge picks will be just as in-demand this year.

I’m so excited to see the leopard print Adidas sneakers I’ve been wanting as part of this sale! They’re definitely my number one pick for activewear, and are sure to sell out at an under $50 price point. Plenty of other big brands included in the sale such as Nike and Zelle.

These accessories are so pretty and fun! I expected there to be a few Tory bags on major sale, and here they are! The tan one also comes in black and is very similar to my shoulder bag that sold out almost immediately during last year’s Nordstrom Sale. I’d guess that any of the Tory Burch pieces are in danger of selling out very fast.

Lots of cozy blankets and delicious smelling candles are included in the sale this year. The leopard Barefoot Dreams blanket shown above is my favorite from this bunch.

As many of you probably know, I’m not huge on makeup and other beauty product, but I can’t deny that these are great sales! I’ve heard so many awesome things about YSL lipstick; I actually own everything in that Tula set and it’s a great deal! I may use the sale as an opportunity to re-stock on some of my skincare faves.

What are you excited to buy when the sale access opens? I am at “Influencer” cardholder status so I’ll be waiting it out until August 10…hopefully some of my top picks are still available!

I’ll be back over the next few weeks to share more great sale discoveries and updates on what is selling fast…check back for more!

And I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 <3

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