Thank You For 10k Instagram Followers

Hi friends,

I’m very excited as I’m writing this, because my Instagram page just surpassed 10,000 followers!

This was a big goal of mine when I first started my blog in January 2019, and felt a lot more like a pipe dream at the time.

But, as I’ve found with most other things in life, hard work and consistency paid off and I’ve reached this exciting milestone.

Thank you so much to everyone who follows me over there, on the app, and, of course, here on the blog. It means a lot to me that you guys are interested in what I have to say and the items I share.

In honor of reaching 10k, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite blogging ‘moments’ so far!

1. When I committed to, and completed, a 30 Day Blogging Challenge!

Last April I wrote and shared a new blog post every day, and it was tons of fun. It kept me accountable and got me writing more often than I had been in a while.

My challenge posts were pretty popular on here, so it seems like you guys enjoyed them, too! If you missed my blogging challenge, you can find the full Recap and Prompts post here.

2. When I got to shout out my favorite ladies.

For International Women’s Day last year, I was reflecting on all of the special, strong women in my life and felt inspired to write about it. I was pretty happy with how my Women’s Day post turned out, and ended up sharing it on the blog as well as on my personal social media.

I got a little deeper in this post than I had before, but it felt right to share something so close to my heart here, and I hope that it was uplifting for other women to read.

3. When I opened up about myself!

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but it actually is for me. Throughout my life, I’ve been known to many people as the quiet and shy one, or the closed off one, or the guarded one. It’s very rare that I open up to people.

With the blog, I challenged myself to do things a little differently. I pushed myself to open up and to share things about myself even if people weren’t asking for me to do so.

When I turned 29, I shared some of my personal goals and past setbacks. During my blogging challenge, I wrote an entire post dedicated to facts about me. I hope you guys enjoyed these posts, thank you for your responses to them, and I’ll be sharing more in the future.

4. When strangers on the internet turned into friends!

When I first started this blog, I hoped to connect with a few people and maybe even gain some followers who came back to read my posts regularly.

I did not anticipate making true connections with people and even forming friendships! It has been so heartwarming to meet people through my blog who are genuinely kind and helpful human beings.

To anyone reading this that I’ve bonded with over being a blogger, an online shopping addiction, a good book, or anything else, I am grateful for you! The Internet can be a dark and mean place sometimes, thanks for helping brighten it up for me. 🙂

5. When I got accepted to!

I decided that I wanted to be a part of a few months into running my blog. It’s a more convenient way for my followers to shop my looks and also a way for me to get some credit for the sales that I regularly share.

I was rejected from the first time I applied, but I put some extra work in and got accepted in just 24 hours the second time I tried! I’ve seen a few helpful posts from other bloggers with tips for getting accepted, but I’d be happy to share my own insights and even refer you as an applicant if anyone is interested.

6. When I got to share the house building process with you all!

What a whirlwind it all was! I’m still in disbelief every morning when I open my eyes and find myself in this house.

There’s sooo much more that I have to show you now that things are finished, but I really enjoyed sharing my updates and ideas along the way.

7. When I gave my blog a facelift!

This one is probably more exciting to me than anyone else, but hopefully you guys do find my blog a little more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate now.

After putting it off for over a year, I finally took the time to find and customize a good theme, refresh the look and feel, and add some other features to my blog.

8. When I introduced you all to Ember!

We got Ember four weeks ago, but if you missed that post, here’s where you can read all about Our New Puppy. She’s definitely a handful, as puppies are, but she’s also the main reason I’ve been smiling nonstop these last few weeks.

One thing I love about blogging is that I get to share my exciting life updates with you all. Another thing is that I get all of your great suggestions and input. Thank you to everyone who offered up good doggy toys and training tips. Please feel free to share more if you have them!

9. When I didn’t give up!

Blogging is not my full-time job, it’s more of an escape for me, but it still requires time, effort, and dedication. There have been several times over the last year and a half that I’ve questioned whether I had ‘what it takes’ to grow my blog and make it into what I truly wanted it to be.

I’m also a pretty severe perfectionist, and am not happy with anything I do unless it meets my internal definition of success. So, there have been many times when I thought I might just stop posting for fear that no one was listening or that no one cared. There were times when that fear made me think I should be spending my time in other ways.

In the end, though, I always missed my blog when I wasn’t posting. There was always a voice inside my head (louder at some times than others) pushing me to pursue this and reminding me why I started. I’m so glad that I kept going…and that I still do.

10. When I started sharing creative writing on my blog!

Okay, so this is one that is actually going to happen in the future rather than a past moment, but I’m very happy about it. My blog has been such a safe space for me to be who I am and share what I truly think and feel, it’s time I open up another very special, but essential, part of myself to you guys.

I’ve been coming up with creative stories and poems since before I could even write properly (in kindergarten I would create little “books” of stories that I wrote and illustrated, and give them out to my friends) and I majored in Creative Writing in college.

Blogging has helped me get back into writing about topics that I want to and has reminded me of what it feels like to do something out of passion and interest rather than out of obligation. I am hoping that, by sharing my creative work online, I will be more motivated to start creating it on a regular basis again.

My stories, poems, and essays are way more personal than most things I’ve shared on here before, but I decided recently that it was time. And so, consider this my official announcement that a Creative Writing tab will be added to my blog with my personal writings!

Thanks so much, as always, for reading my post. It’s so nice to have you here with me!

Check back soon for more posts, that additional tab I just mentioned, and other fun updates to come soon!

Until then, happy Sunday and have a great week. <3 🙂

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