All About Ember: Meet Our New German Shepherd Puppy

Hey guys,

It has been a VERY exciting week for us over here…we got a new puppy!

We’ve been waiting 7 weeks to be able to bring our new dog home, and I finally got to go pick her out and bring her back last Friday.

This is Ember, she’s a 7 week old German Shepherd and I pretty much haven’t stopped smiling in the last few days that I’ve known her.

Joe wasn’t able to take off work, so I was a bit nervous about choosing and then driving a new puppy home by myself, but everything went really well!

We had a scheduled pick up time, and when I got there she was one of two females left.

Both of them came up to me immediately when I bent down, but Ember sat down with her body pressed against my leg and didn’t leave my side after that.

The other puppy wandered off and then back to me a few times, but wasn’t super interested.

Meanwhile, Ember walked along my side, rubbing her body against me like a cat, and eventually curled up next to me to lie down.

I was hoping the choice would be clear in the moment, and it definitely was! The way I see it, Ember chose me to be her owner and puppy-Mom. 😊

She cried during the car ride home, but waited until she was off my lap to pee (woo!) and we spent all of yesterday bonding.

Once Joe got home she was a bit skeptical of another new person, but she warmed up to him quickly!

Luckily, we did our research ahead of time and were prepared with all that we needed for our first week with a new pup. I’ll link everything we got below for those who are curious!

We are prioritizing crate training and potty training with Ember for now. It is, of course, a process but she’s dong great so far! I’ll definitely be sharing more about those experiences and some helpful tips, but for now just wanted to introduce her to my blog fam!

Comment below to let me know what type of puppy content you want to see! Of course, I’ll still be sharing my other usual posts. 🙂

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