House Tour: Our Black and White Kitchen

Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend and were able to relax a bit.

It has been a bit of a rough time for my family, but I’m happy to have work and the blog to keep me out of my own head and to help me feel like I’m moving forward.

Not too long ago I shared some of my favorite features in our kitchen, including the adjustable shelves, a roll-out spice rack, things like that, but I love this room so much that I want to share more of it with you!

I posted an Instagram picture yesterday highlighting some of our beautiful, yet reasonably priced kitchen decor, and it got such great reactions that I’m going to dive even deeper with this post!

Without further ado, here’s more of what I love about our black and white kitchen. 🙂

Knobs | Similar Pulls

Black Cabinets
Let’s start with what, in my opinion, is one of the most striking things about our kitchen. We got quite a bit of push back when we voiced our plans to have black cabinets, but I think the photos make it pretty clear how amazing this idea turned out to be!

The contrast of the dark cabinets against the white floor and countertops is even better than I pictured it in my head, and I really do love having a cabinet color that isn’t super common. Our cabinets were designed and purchased at Special Additions in New Jersey.

Tea Kettle | Spoon Rest

The Backsplash
This was one of the hardest decisions we faced throughout the entire house design process! We simply could not find a backsplash tile that would fit in well with our kitchen colors…white would be too much, and we didn’t want to dramatically darken the room by choosing a gray or black color.

Ultimately, we decided to go with something reflective. After two full days of my husband texting me pictures of basically every tile in the show room, we finally landed on this gorgeous design using two different tiles from Floor and Decor.

I will say that this backsplash is very hard to clean; tomato sauce and other darker stains seem to set in immediately, but there’s nothing a good Magic Eraser can’t fix!

The Decor
Okay, now let’s get to the really good stuff. What inspired me to post a shot of our kitchen yesterday was that I found our gorgeous bar stools on sale!

These stools have basically been my desk chairs since I started working from home in March; I’ve sat on them every single day for three months straight and they still look brand new!

We also get a ton of compliments on the two hanging chandeliers. These look super expensive but are under $150 from Wayfair! I love that they are black but also add some nice sparkle to the room. Two was the perfect amount for above our island, but these look great singular or with three of them lined up.

On the Countertops
We have some really nice decor and small appliances out on our counters, as well. This is spread out around the kitchen, but let’s work our way towards the stove.

First is our little Keurig. I don’t drink coffee, and am only sometimes willing to drink the K-cup teas, so this is really my husband’s area. My sister got him this coffee maker as a birthday gift a few months ago, and it’s been put to great use! It also, of course, matches really well with out color scheme since it’s black.

Our knife set was a wedding registry gift, and it really was a great pick on our parts! It’s self-sharpening, so the blades get a little touch up whenever we put them into their holder or take them out. They’re also great quality and can cut through food so easily. Cooking is a lot more fun for us, these day! (Except for last week when my husband accidentally stabbed his hand with one of the knives…no stitches, thank God, but play safe, friends!)

Next are these adorable Kate Spade canisters. I store flour and sugar in them, so I don’t have to go far for those ingredients while baking. These were also a registry gift, and probably tickle my fancy a bit more than my husband’s, but hey, I’m more of the baker in our family, anyway.

Stand Mixer

The Baking Station
Ah, yes, more wedding registry gifts. For anyone who is engaged or will be getting engaged, really take advantage of registering for gifts! It’s a great way to stock up your future home, and to ask for some of those more pricey gifts that you really want.

The Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a gift that you really want. Just trust me. The first time I baked with this thing I could not believe how much simpler the whole process was! My bakes have certainly been taken up a notch with this convenient device.

Anyway, I love purple, and the color of this mixer fits in really well with our neutral countertops and backsplash. We use the cabinet below to store all of our Kitchen Aid attachments and accoutrements.

Between this post and the last one, I think that pretty much sums up the kitchen tour! If you have any questions about our decor, appliances, or anything else, reach out to me and I can get you all of the information.

Our kitchen has become much more of a haven to me than I expected, especially with the pandemic keeping me at home constantly.

Now more than ever, I’m feeling so grateful for the life that I have, the place I have to live it in, and the people that I get to share it with.

I hope you all are inspired to create your own dream space, and that our kitchen serves as an example of how beautiful things turn out when you follow your instincts and your own personal preferences.

Links for kitchen stuff are included throughout the post above, but you can also shop below if you’d like! Until next time…<3

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