Finding Calm in These Uncertain Times

Hey guys,

It’s no secret that the world is going a little crazy right now. I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind.

I don’t even mean to mention it on every post lately, it just sneaks its way in because it’s always there below the surface of my thoughts: an uncertainty of what the future holds, and a deep worry for everyone who is struggling right now.

I decided not to ignore those little hints from my brain, and eventually deduced that I’m a lot more stressed out these days than I realize.

My muscles and joints have been painfully stiff, my skin has been breaking out, and I’m not sleeping as well as usual.

I think my body is tense all around because I’m worried about the health of my family and friends, and I’m sad for the world in general. And, um, I can’t get the image of a freaking murder hornet out of my head!

These are scary times, my friends, and even though we might not realize it, our bodies will be affected by what we’re dealing with.

In addition to staying healthy and keeping our immune systems strong, we need to take a little extra care of ourselves.

As with most things in life, I believe that a little bit goes a long way. So lately I’ve been trying to implement some little uplifting activities, new products, and old forgotten favorites into my life

Here are some ways you can treat yourself, relieve a little stress, and hopefully ease your mind for a bit! They’ve been working for me and I hope they can make a difference for you, too.

Cook Up Some Comfort Food
You know the one dish that makes you feel all warm inside? The one that feels like a big hug around your shoulders as it lands on your tongue? Make that dish. Make any dish that brings positive memories to mind or gives you that secure, fuzzy feeling.

Not sure of the recipe? Look one up online or check out some of my own favorite comfort food recipes here. We may be tempted to reach for the chips and chocolate during these times, but I’ve found that a hearty meal with nutritious value really makes me feel better than a snack binge.

Give your tummy something special and you may be surprised at how easily your mood is lifted.

Mix Up a Mask
Give your skin some extra love the next time you’re free at home. There are tons of simple face mask recipes on Pinterest and many sold on Amazon, as well.

A lot of the homemade masks only require common household ingredients, like one I recently made with honey, a little bit of baking soda and lemon juice!

There are even some that are made to have a calming effect on the skin. Pamper yourself in a quick and easy way, and sport baby soft cheeks for the rest of the week.

Soak in the Suds
In the past, I really only took baths when I needed to soak my muscles during marathon training, but our new master bathroom has a very pretty tub in it and it’s the perfect picture of serenity.

I like to get the water really hot, light a nice-smelling candle, and dive into my latest read. I still need to invest in a good bathtub caddy, but there are some good options here, here, and here.

Taking a bath is the perfect excuse to give yourself some quiet, alone time and soaking your muscles helps relieve tension that you may not know you’re holding. Try adding some Epsom salts to your bath for extra relief!

Get Some Green on Your Thumb
We’ve recently gotten into gardening, and it’s been such a fun and rewarding distraction! Every morning when I come downstairs, the first thing I do is check all of our potted seedlings.

Caring for another living thing, even if it isn’t a child or pet, gives me an extra sense of responsibility and accomplishment. It also helps me have something to look forward to, because I’m excited to see my plants grow and thrive.

Gardening is a totally scalable activity, too. You can start small with just one potted or window sill plant, or can turn your garden into a larger project, setting up an outside area or above ground planters, which is what we plan to do.

Either way, gardening is a nice distraction and it can help create a feeling of hope for tomorrow. What starts off as a tiny seed in the dirt eventually sprouts leaves, potentially fruit, and is a glowing example of what dedication and care can create. It’s a great reminder of all that is to come.

These are just some quick and easy ways to relieve stress and encourage a feeling of calmness in your life. They’ve made a difference for me recently, and I’m hopeful that they can do the same for you. We’ll make it out of this, even if some days feel like a never ending road.

Remember to also pay attention to your mental health and to other little things that may have fallen by the wayside when your everyday routine got turned upside down.

I notice that I’ve been drinking far less water and taking way fewer steps every day. I’m adding a lot of stretching, trying to stay moving in any way possible, and reminding myself to keep hydrated in order to correct that.

What has helped you find some peace in all of this madness? Comment below to share!

I hope your week is filled with hope and inspiration. I’ll try to provide as much of that as I can.

Talk soon. <3

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