Lounge Styles for Working and Hanging Out at Home

So, it’s month three of working from home for me and like many others, I have mixed feelings about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to wake up a little later and having the freedom to wear lounge-y clothes that I typically wouldn’t put on for a day at the office…I really love the fact that hot tools have not touched my hair in over eight (!) weeks.

But, convenience and laziness aside, getting dressed in the morning has started to feel a bit monotonous. As comfortable as they are, I’m getting kind of bored wearing plain black leggings every day, so I’m mixing things up a little bit and exploring different styles of lounge wear.

I’ve noticed that, just like my normal style, my work from home style can be flexible, changing to fit the unique moods and challenges of each day. I’ve broken it down into four different types below…which type are you?

The Comfy Lounger

1 The Comfy Lounger
Softness, cozy level, and comfort are the top priorities for this stay-at-home style; it’s perfect for dark rainy days, or those mornings when you just do not feel like getting out of bed and facing reality. Featured here is my favorite jogger and hoodie set from NY&C; it’s buttery soft and I love the lavender color. Paired with two sneakers options but, let’s be real, I’ll probably just be wearing socks all day.

The Lounge-y Rocker

2 The Lounge-y Rocker
You all know I love my edgy pieces, and I continue to wear them even while stuck at home. This look consists of graphic tanks and tees, dark colored leggings, and maybe a cute bralette to bring in some girliness. The Travis Barker skull tank shown here was an -amazing- Etsy find, and the faux leather moto leggings are a cool alternative to plain black ones. Gotta have spikes or dark colors on the feet for this, as well!

Classic Casual

3 Classic Casual
On weeks when I’m really struggling or just need to feel like I’m a bit more put together, I try to wear pants or a cute blouse that I’d normally wear to work. Sometimes just putting on jeans makes me feel a little more balanced, maybe because it’s a tiny bit of normalcy among the craziness. This look is super simple and casual; a favorite pair of AE jeans, a crisp camisole, and lovely espadrilles. I may even throw on a pearly headband for some extra feminine flair.

Sporty in Self-Isolation

4 Sporty in Self-Isolation
This is pretty close to what would normally be my weekend look, but it works great for sitting in front of the laptop, as well! The sporty look is a little more tomboyish, which I think is super fun. It consists of an athletic top or sweatshirt, leggings or active pants, a hat, and some sneaks. In this case, I’ve got my favorite Nike cowl neck hoodie, a Yankee hat, super comfortable Air Max sneakers, and a little animal print pop with these faux leather leggings. I don’t want to play favorites, here, but this style is at the top of my lounge wear list.

Which lounge wear style fits you best? Have you gone back and forth between a few since staying at home?

Comment below with your favorite work from home styles; I’d love to see what you guys are wearing during this time. All of the clothes above are linked here.

And for those of you who are struggling at this time, be it financially, due to working on the front lines, or just dealing with the huge mental burden of all of this, I wish you well and my heart is with you. I am always here to support my readers and fellow humans. <3

Stay healthy and safe, and remember, we’re in this together.

Until next time!

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