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Hi Everyone,

We’re pretty much settled into our new house at this point (thanks, COVID-19) and I’m excited to start sharing details with you all.

One of my favorite things about our new kitchen, aside from how beautiful it is to look at, is the amount of storage space we have. We worked with a cabinet company to plan out our kitchen space, and are so happy with the results!

Here are some really smart storage solutions that I would recommend for any type of kitchen.

Roll Out Drawers

Roll Out Drawers
If you are able to add these to your cabinets, do it! Plain shelves will also work fine, but I love the added convenience of being able to pull out the bottom shelf and easily reach what is in the back. We have roll out drawers we’re using for pots, pans, and our Pyrex storage containers, shown above.

Tray Cabinet

Tray Cabinet
I didn’t really see the point of having built in separators for a tray cabinet, but now that I’ve been using this for a few weeks I am a huge fan. It saves so much space being able to stand everything up, and it’s very easy to see what I have and pull out the tray I’m looking for. Our tray cabinet houses baking trays, wire racks, cutting boards, and a cook top griddle.

Drawer Organizers

Built in Drawer Organizers
These are very popular and can be built into existing drawers (as we have), but adjustable inserts are also available from stores like Amazon. This was one feature of our new kitchen I was really looking forward to, because the drawers in our previous home were an odd size and I couldn’t find the right inserts to fit them. These organizers were custom fit to our drawers and have the perfect amount of compartments for something like a silverware drawer.

Adjustable Shelves
Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Shelves
Regardless of how many cabinets you have in your kitchen, your storage needs will likely change throughout the time you spend living in your home. That’s why adjustable cabinet shelving can make such a big difference. I love having the ability to move our shelves up or down and create taller shelf space as needed.

Plastic Tea Organizer

Plastic Organizers
We bought a few different plastic organizers when we moved in, and these tea organizers are among the most useful! I love being able to de-clutter our pantry by throwing out the bulky tea boxes, and the clear plastic allows us to see what different teas we have to choose from at a quick glance. We also have different sized plastic organizers that go in the fridge or pantry shelves and can hold anything from fruit to eggs to cans of soda. The best thing about these pieces is that you can buy them fairly cheap and add them to pretty much any kitchen or closet!

Wall Hanging System

Wall Hanging System
My husband bought this plastic hanging set and attached it to the inside of our pantry wall. It’s proven to be super useful, holding both cleaning tools like our Swiffer and broom/dustpan, as well as cooking aprons and other miscellaneous things. I love that this attaches right to any wall and has a bunch of hooks and holders. This is another one that you can just buy and add to your kitchen—no reno needed!

Spice Rack Cabinet

Spice Rack Cabinet
I’m one of those people who never knows quite what to do with all of my spices and seasonings, so this cabinet caught my eye the moment I spotted it in the cabinet store showroom. We have two of these pull out spice racks, one on either side of our stove, and a larger one next to the oven. They are super convenient, especially in their location, and a great way to keep all of our little bottles organized. One designing tip would be to make the racks adjustable or add a variety of heights so that you have flexibility to also store things like Olive Oil.

Separate Pantry Closet

Pantry Closet
If you have the space, I absolutely recommend a separate pantry or closet for your food, paper goods, and/or cleaning supplies. Going from a fairly small kitchen with two cabinets dedicated to food to having this separate storage area feels like a dream come true, and I love having the barn door so that I can close things off from view when guests are over. Not having to store food products in our cabinets allows more space for plates, cups, small appliances, etc. Which brings me to the last storage item (and some of my very favorite kitchen tools)…

Free-Standing Cabinet (with Roll Out Drawers)

Free-Standing Cabinet
Here’s another little something you can add to your existing or new kitchen if you’ve got extra space. I love this free-standing cabinet, and not just because it allows me to keep all of my pretty cookware in one place. Roll out drawers or not, there’s no way I would be able to fit my juicer in one of my other cabinets, at least not without losing an adjustable shelf or two and taking up an unnecessary amount of space. The fact that this is free standing allows it to be very tall, and it adds an incredible amount of potential storage. There are also some shorter shelves on the top that we use for storing smaller appliances, dessert trays, etc.

Thanks for taking a quick walk through the kitchen with me! I love all of these features and hope that some of them have inspired you. What do you want to see next? I’m planning to do a full walk through of the kitchen so you can see how pretty it truly is, and maybe the same for our Master Bathroom, Closets, and my Library.

Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy, and will be back soon! <3

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