Work Desk Essentials

Hi everyone,

Here we are again at the start of the work week.

I hope your Mondays weren’t too rough…I for one can say I’m super excited to be home and relaxing for the rest of the night.

Since I’ve got work on the brain, I figured this was a great time to do a post on my must-have accessories for work.

I spend a LOT of time at my job and, therefore, at my desk, so I try to make sure I have everything I need––or could possibly need––there with me.

Here’s a quick list of my work desk essentials.

If you’re getting into a new job or are just looking for a list of things you should keep at work, this may be helpful for you.

  1. Some cute writing utensils and stationary; my job provides me with basic stuff like this, but it’s always fun as a Creative to get inspired by pretty pens or paper)
  2. Gum; you never know when you might need to freshen up your breath, or when the 3pm snack urges will arrive and you won’t want to give in to them yet again
  3. Water; I keep a washable bottle at my desk and fill it up at our water coolers a few times a day. The bottle includes volume measurements on the side so it helps me keep track of how I’m hydrating and set goals to keep myself drinking throughout the day
  4. Lotion; those bathroom hand soaps make my skin feel so dry, so I always keep a nice-smelling lotion on my desk
  5. Tissues/napkins; tissues are obvious, but it also helps to have napkins in case you’re eating (most of my lunches take place at my desk during busy months) or have a spill you need to clean up
  6. Tea; I did a post not too long ago about my love of tea, so it’s nice to have a few different flavor options with me at work
  7. Chargers; especially one for my phone. I can’t count how many times that thing has saved me
  8. A blanket; or sweater…most offices keep the temperature pretty cool (I’m sitting at my desk shivering regardless of the season), so I keep a blanket at my desk to keep my legs warm when I’m feeling chilly. My blanket has Spongebob on it, so my coworkers get a kick out of it
  9. Headphones; my office recently changed to an “open seating” layout, which doesn’t bother me too much because I’m great at tuning out pretty much anything. However, on days when I’m tired or frustrated and need to shut out all the noise, headphones are a Godsend
  10. Snacks; I try not to keep too many snacks at my desk, because if I did I’d probably just sit there munching all day. I do keep some granola bars, oatmeal, and other emergency foods with me in case I’m feeling extra hungry or forget to bring food with me that day

So, what am I missing?

Comment below to share some additional things you keep at your desk…you may be helping me think of something I’ll need in the future!

As much as I wish this weren’t the truth, my job has become a bit of a second home to me.

I spend a lot of time there, and in recent weeks I spend a lot of EXTRA time there, so it helps for me to have things I need there and to make the space feel a little more comfortable.

I think part of dealing with a stressful job is making sure you take care of yourself as much as possible, and having some items that I need or enjoy at my fingertips every day helps make that a little easier for me.

I hope you all have a great Monday night, and are able to rest up for the rest of the week ahead.

We’ve got this!

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