My Top 5 Travel Destinations

Hey everyone,

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in my life, but there are still so many places I want to see!

I’m narrowing it down to the top 5 places I’ve never been, but want to go to.

Here they are!

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I’ve been dying to go to Alaska since I was 18 years old. My husband and I are planning to go this year, and I can’t wait to check this one off of my list! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the amazing views and the parts of nature unchanged by man. I’m also really hoping we’ll get to see the Northern Lights when we go.

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New Zealand
On of my college professors spent her honeymoon in New Zealand and I loved hearing about all of the adventures she and her husband went on there. It seems like such a gorgeous and exciting place. I like to be as active as possible when traveling, and that likely wouldn’t be a problem for me at all in New Zealand.

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Glacier National Park
You may be noticing a trend here…when I travel, I’m not just looking for warm weather or beaches to lounge on; I’m all about the views and what type of nature will be there. Glacier National Park in Montana looks absolutely breathtaking, and I’d love to hike there someday in the future.

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Banff National Park
Most of us have probably seen that iconic Instagram shot in front of the water at Banff. That is where I first found out about this amazing park in Alberta, Canada, but it’s not the only reason I really want to visit it one day. One of my coworkers goes there regularly to ski and it sounds perfect for winter sports as well as hiking and canoeing. I’ve never been to Canada, but this is for sure my top Canadian destination.

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My husband’s family used to go to Aruba every year, so I’m still trying to convince him to take me. I’ve heard from so many people that Aruba is amazing and that the beaches are unlike anywhere else. Even though I like to stay active on my vacations, I’m definitely not against spending some time on these beautiful beaches.

What destinations are at the top of your list?

Have you visited any of the places I mentioned above?

Make me envious by commenting below about how awesome your trips were!

Until tomorrow…<3 🙂

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