Let’s Get Astrological: Analyzing My Aquarius-ness (or Lack Thereof)

Hi everyone,

Welcome to day 11 of my April blogging challenge!

Today I’m going to look into my Zodiac sign and see how accurately or inaccurately it represents me as a person.

My birthday is February 2, so I’m an Aquarius.

Here’s some basic information about my Zodiac sign that I pieced together from several different internet sources, and I’ll bold the things that I think most apply to me:

Traits: Humanitarian, philanthropical, original, independent, good listener, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof
Likes: Having fun, friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation
Dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, loneliness, dull situations, disagreements
Description: Either quiet and shy or loud and outgoing, cares very much about doing good and changing the world for the better, unbiased and empathetic, in need of alone time in order to restore inner power, has many friends and acquaintances, often trying to involve others in improving the world

Okay, so I have to say I agree with a LOT of things in the above description.

I was always very quiet and shy growing up, and still am soft-spoken, though I feel comfortable showing myself and speaking my mind in front of family, friends, and in a work setting.

I do care deeply about improving the world and spend a lot of time thinking about ideal situations; that is probably where my perfectionism comes from.

I very much value alone time, and I am certainly an independent person.

Because of my shy/independent tendencies, I do very often need that time away from everything else in order to recharge; sometimes after social situations, even ones where I am with people I know well, I feel not only mentally but physically exhausted.

I am a very good listener and, because of my empathy, I feel that I give good advice and help others to feel comforted, simply because I’m there for them and because I have an ability to put myself in their shoes and understand what they might be going through.

On the other hand, I definitely can be aloof and a lot of my close friends admitted to thinking I was mean or stuck up before they got to know me (I blame my resting bitch face!!); but in all seriousness, my temperament does come across as negative or closed-off to a lot of people, so I am often trying to rectify that.

I am most definitely original and often find myself resisting popular trends, common views, and fads; although, there are some trends (especially fashion-related) that I end up giving in to because they grow on me over time.

I have a lot of weird and silly quirks, and I used to hide them but my husband has helped me grow to love every odd part of myself, and I think “original” is a much kinder, and more appropriate, way for me to refer to that part of myself.

A couple of things that I didn’t see in the description that I think apply to me are that I’m very sensitive and a huge worrier, but aside from that everything else pretty much hit the mark.

I’m not really someone who pays attention to astrology or horoscopes, but it is interesting to see that my Zodiac description fits my personality so well.

On the other hand, there are plenty of Aquariuses I’ve known who seemed to be the opposite of me (and the opposite of the caring, unbiased, warrior description above).

It’s hard to say if those people just stray from their sign or if it’s simply a coincidence that I fit mine so well.

Either way, I’m happy to be known astrologically as a kind-hearted person who cares about the progression of the world.

This is actually inspiring me to do some more volunteering or fighting for causes I believe in…stay tuned for potential future updates on that! 😉

Comment below with your opinion on astrology, and if you think your sign fits you well.

If nothing else, the Zodiac is a nice conversation-starter and it’s kind of fun to read about your own sign and see what it says about you…you may even discover some things about yourself that you didn’t realize.

Thanks for reading this post, and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow! <3 🙂

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