What’s In My Purse

Hi all,

It’s day 2 of April and also of my blogging challenge! Today’s post: What’s in my purse. 

I change which purse I’m using a LOT, so I try to only keep the essentials with me. 

I probably have a lot less in my purse than the average woman, but it works for me. 

Here’s the purse I’m currently using most often and everything I’ve got inside! (Feel free to click on the images to purchase any of the items I have inside my purse.)

I have quite the collection of handbags, but Kate Spade is probably the designer whose bags I own the most of.

I usually carry a basic black shoulder bag, and this one is perfect for any outfit or occasion.

Cell phone (of course). I have the iPhone 8 and, although the lack of a headphone jack still annoys me sometimes, I like this phone and am an iPhone girl all the way.

Wallet. I’ve had this Kate spade wallet for years so the logo is starting to wear a bit, but I’ve been really impressed with the durability overall.

It holds a lot of cards and other things, which is great because I have so many, and purple is my favorite color so I love the shade of this of course

Baby Lips. I am SO sad that Baby Lips has been harder and harder to find in stores lately.

My best friend and I are obsessed with it and luckily we bought a tonnn of tubes when it was super popular.

I love Baby Lips because it keeps your lips moist and soft like chapstick, but adds a nice color depending on which one you choose.

My favorite shade is Coral Crave, which is  just slightly pinker than my natural lip color.

It adds a bit of a pop to my lip but still looks natural, so I can wear it no matter where I’m going

Tissues. I try to always keep a travel pack of tissues with me, just in case!

Keys, complete with adorable keychains! My favorite keychain right now is the Funko! Pop Freddy Krueger.

I’m a huge horror fan and this guy is just so adorable.

Sunglasses. It depends on the season, but I have been trying to keep sunglasses with me at all times,since I always seem to be without a pair when I need them most.

This Gucci pair is my favorite; it’s plain enough to go with many outfits but is flattering to the face – a great Christmas present from my brother and his girlfriend.

Hair tie. if you’ve seen my natural hair in some of my Instagram pictures, you’ll understand why I always need to have an emergency hair tie.

With just a little bit of humidity or extra wind my hair can get crazy, so I try to have a hair tie available to get it out of my face (or whatever else I’m doing) when needed.

Excedrin Migraine. I get around 4-5 migraines each month, and some of them can be debilitating.

If I take it early enough, this works really well to get rid of a migraine or at least keep a really bad one down to a dull pain.

I keep bottles of this everywhere: at work, in my other purses, and in my nightstand.

Tide to Go. This is something I’ve just recently added to my bag because it was leftover from my wedding day.

It’s proven to be useful a couple of times already and I can’t believe I wasn’t carrying it before!

What are some must haves that you keep in your bag? Comment below to let me know. Maybe you’ll give some suggestions that I’ll end up adding to my own!

See you back here again tomorrow for another new post! ♥️

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