April Blogging Challenge and the Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Happy April!

I’m especially excited about this month because I’ve decided to do a blogging challenge.

I haven’t been writing as often as I want to, so I’m holding myself to writing one new blog post every day this month.

I’ve got a specific topic planned out for each day of this month, and this first post is dedicated to the meaning behind my blog name!

So, that being said, I’ll jump right in!

Coming up with the right blog name is tricky, because it needs to represent the writer behind the blog, as well as the content that will be featured on the site. It also should be catchy and memorable.

In order to narrow down potential names for my blog, I decided on the mandatories: I wanted it to have alliteration (the writer in me just demanded it), it had to be something feminine and pretty, and, of course, it needed to speak to who I was and the things I’d be writing about.

I started the blog a few weeks after getting married, and one of the compliments we continuously got about our wedding was how perfectly planned every little detail was.

I’ve always been very detail-oriented, so that seemed like the perfect thing to include in my blog name.

I also, like most girls, tend to like sparkly things.

Again, having just gotten married I had diamonds on my mind, and I just thought the name fit really well!

That’s basically it…being a writer for a long time, I’ve come to find that sometimes the right titles just pop into your head and you know instantly that they fit.

This was the case with my blog name, and although I went back and forth with diamonds and details or details and diamonds, I’m happy with where I landed and I feel like my blog has lived up to its name so far.

Stay tuned for the rest of my April posts; details and diamonds are sure to be included throughout.

What’s the meaning behind your own blog name? Comment below with your story!

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