Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just about 6 weeks away, so it’s a great time to start thinking about what to get your mom, grandma, and any other maternal figure you want to celebrate this May 12th!

Moms do so much for us; most of the time without getting a lot of recognition or praise.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and your love for your mom, and to find that perfect gift that makes her feel special.

Here are some great gift suggestions, at a range of different prices.

Happy shopping and an early Happy Mother’s Day to you and all of the wonderful moms in your life!

A personalized keepsake: Over the years I’ve given my mom tons of gifts like this.

It’s a great idea because there are so many different things you can choose from and you can really get creative with the personalization.

Decorative pillows or framed prints with her favorite quote or a message you write yourself make for lovely gifts.

If you’re not as into words, put a picture of the two of you onto a useful household item, such as a pot holder, magnet, or throw blanket.

A foot spa: Moms rarely ever have time for themselves—especially new moms. My best friend just had a baby in October so I bought her this at home foot bath.

Not only will it help moms feel pampered and relaxed, it’s also a great excuse for them to take some time for themselves without having to leave the house or pay for a spa visit.

An insulated mug: My mom is obsessed with coffee, but she always ends up having to put her morning cup in the microwave after getting distracted with work and other things that come up.

This year, I got her the Yeti Insulated Coffee Mug, which comes with its own cover.

It keeps coffee (or another hot drink of choice) from getting cold while moms have to step away and tend to other things.

Her favorite things: Put together a little basket containing your mom’s favorite makeup, hair products, or anything else she uses on a regular basis.

Add tissue paper, glitter, ribbon, and other decorative elements to pretty it up.

A cozy robe and slippers: What woman doesn’t love those treasured few moments during and after the shower that we have to ourselves?

Make this little daily escape extra luxurious for your mom by gifting her a super soft, fluffy robe and a plush pair of slippers that feel like heaven every time she puts them on.

A recipe book or box: It might be cliché, but a lot of moms do love to cook and bake!

Why not give your mom a beautiful keepsake that she can use to keep track of her best recipes?

If you really want to surprise her, get the book started by filling in some recipes (either ask her for them or add ones of hers you might already know).

You can even add pictures of the relatives who originally created the recipes, events where your mom has previously made those meals, or just pictures of your family…or cook and photograph the meals yourself to include in the book!

A monthly subscription service: This is another one I’ve tried that has been really successful.

There are so many subscription boxes and products these days, so it should be easy to find one that is appropriate for your mom.

A lot of them have different subscription lengths to choose from too, so if your budget is a little lower you can choose a nice box that only gets sent for 3-6 months in a row.

I recently bought my mom a 6-month subscription to MixCups, so she got a variety pack of K-cups (I’m not kidding, she’s coffee-obsessed!) sent to her doorstop every month.

She loved getting a surprise in the mail each month and trying out the new flavors.

A day out: Sometimes all moms want is to be able to spend time with their children.

Planning a girls’ day for the two of you might be more touching to your mom than any other material gift.

Get your nails done, go out to lunch, have some afternoon cocktails, or go see a play!

The possibilities for this one are endless, and can be tailored to your mom’s own personal interests.

The only thing that matters is that it’s something the two of you will do together.

I hope this sparked some great ideas about how you can make Mother’s Day even more special for your mom, grandma, mom-friends, or anyone else you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day.

Comment below with any additional gift ideas you have, and anything you plan on doing for Mother’s Day.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂 <3

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