Literary Wedding Ideas for Book Lovers

Hello and happy Monday!

We just got the rest of our wedding pictures this week, so I wanted to write another post about it!

I have loved books for my whole life, so it was important to me that our wedding have some literary elements.

I love the way everything turned out because there were little reminders of books everywhere, but they were subtle enough not to create a theme (which I didn’t want).

Here are some cool ways we incorporated my love of books into our special day!

Picture courtesy of The Palace at Somerset Park

Bookshelves at the venue

My husband and I knew our venue was the one before we even visited it, so when I saw the old-fashioned bookshelves and classics in the cocktail hour room, it reinforced that we’d found the perfect place.

Sitting next to a massive bookcase that held some of my favorites made our tasting an even more special experience.

Taking pictures in the purple lighting of a bar called Gatsby’s connected my best day with one of the best stories of all time.

Including books was not something on my original venue must-haves list, but it was such an amazing bonus to have.

Book flower bouquets

I knew I was going to have book bouquets in my wedding before I was even engaged.

I think it’s such a beautiful way to have your favorite words with you during a special time.

I also made it more personal by surprising each of my bridesmaids with flowers made from pages of their favorite books.

For those who weren’t avid readers I used quotes from their favorite movies, and for my one friend I used the lyrics of her wedding song.

Making the flowers myself was a bit tedious after a while, but it was so worth it! I was proud of how they turned out and we saved a lot of money on flowers!

I found a few different tutorials for making the flowers and kind of created my own method.

I’ll do a post on that soon. 😊

Books as decoration

I picked out a few of my favorite books, plus a few that had sentimental meaning to my husband and I.

We gave them to our maître d’ and asked that he put them out with the rest of our decorations.

He did a beautiful job displaying them among our pictures, candles, and signs.

Literary gifts

Along with their book bouquets, my bridesmaids got a framed, hand-written design of a quote from their favorite book/movie.

My husband and I also wrote love letters for each other to read before the ceremony that day.

Shots of us reading them out loud brought our wedding video to a whole new level.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate your own personal interests in your wedding—I know there are plenty more ways people have added books to their own.

These were little things that added up to make my wedding day really feel like my own.

I’m so glad we were able to make them happen, and that my husband was supportive of me carrying out each one.

Do you like these ideas, or are there some others you’ve used/heard of that are awesome? Share in the comments below. 😊♥️

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